This is a legal agreement between licensee, purchaser (if any) (“Licensee” or “You”) and ALLLIV INC.(“Allliv”) that publishes its digital illustration collection called ZZVE(“ZZVE”).

Before downloading illustration(s) by single image(s) or virtual CD(s) (“Contents) from the Allliv’s website http://www.zzve.com) or the websites of its authorized agents(“Distributors”), the following terms and conditions should be read carefully.

In downloading Contents, you acknowledge that you have read the agreement, accepted it, and that you subscribe to the agreement for the grant of rights which it contains.

If you do not agree with all the above, please refrain from all use, and contact Allliv or Distributors.

If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of your employer, the License granted and the restrictions and limitations on the use of the images set forth below apply to your employer as well as to you as a representative of your employer.

Should you cease working for your employer, your employer (but not you) may continue to use the images under the terms of this Agreement.


※ All rights to the Contents are owned by Allliv.

Allliv grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to store, reproduce and use the specific Contents that you have purchased during this transaction.

Licensee may store the Licensed Material in a digital library, network configuration or similar arrangement to allow the Licensed Material to be viewed by employees, partners and clients of Licensee, so long as there are no more than ten (10) Users. Licensee must purchase additional seat licenses if there are more than ten (10) users before such additional use begins.

Specifically you may

  1. Web Design Purpose including website or web banner design
  2. In-House and Presentation Purpose
  3. Internet and Multimedia Purpose
  4. Advertisement Purpose including Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, Automobiles, Leaflets, Posters, Signs, Billboards or so 5. Printed Material such as Pamphlets, Brochures, Direct Mails or so
  5. Tradeshow Panel such as Display, Signs, Pictographs or so

※ You may alter, manipulate and crop the Contents, however you can not attempt to register copyrights or any other rights for the Contents, or sub-license, resell or otherwise distribute the Contents

Specifically you may not

For the use of re-sale value of the products (i.e., postcards, posters, calendars, stationary etc.). direct packages on products, or Contents production (i.e.web skin, web contents, software etc), you must acquire extended license. Contact Allliv or its Distributors

Specifically you are restricted

  1. sublicense, re-license, rent, resell or lease any or the Contents to third party
  2. make the high-resolution (300 dpi or above) versions of Contents accessible for download or place the Contents on-line in P to P websites, web communities, FTPs or other digital format
  3. Make copies of Contents beyond 1 copy as a back-up
  4. incorporate any of the Contents in a logo, trade mark or service mark
  5. use the Contents in ways or contexts that might reasonably be construed as pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful
  6. use Contents beyond one client if you are an intermediary (e.g an advertising or design agency)

Allliv warrants the digital copy of the Contents in the form duly purchased by you or your employer to be free from technical defects for 7 days from download. The sole and exclusive remedy for a breach of the foregoing warranty is the replacement of the digital copy of the Contents or refund of the purchase price, at Allliv’s sole option. Allliv shall not, however, be liable if defects arise as a result of any modification, variation or addition to the Images not performed by us or caused by any abuse, corruption or incorrect use of the Images with equipment or software which is incompatible.


All rights to the Contents are owned by Allliv and / or its licensors and are protected internationally by copyright and other applicable laws. Allliv and its licensors retain all rights not expressly granted under this Agreement. You may be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by your failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.


4.1 Unauthorized Use. Any use of Contents in a manner not expressly authorized by this Agreement or in breach of a term of this Agreement (including, without limitation, use of Contents by more than ten (10) Users without purchase of additional seat licenses) constitutes copyright infringement, entitling Allliv to exercise all rights and remedies available to it under copyright laws around the world. Licensee shall be responsible for any damages resulting from any such copyright infringement, including any claims by a third party. In addition and without prejudice to Allliv’ other remedies under this Agreement, Allliv reserves the right to charge and Licensee agrees to pay a fee equal to ten (10) times Allliv’s standard license fee for use of the Contents

4.2 Governing Law. This Agreement will be governed in all respects by the laws of the Seoul, Republic of Korea, without reference to its laws relating to conflicts of law. Any disputes arising from this Agreement or its enforceability shall be settled by the court in Seoul. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not govern this Agreement. If you wish to use the Contents in a manner not permitted under this License Agreement, please contact Allliv at manager@zzve.com or its distributors